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Shikha & Ankur
09 November 2016
Hi team, It's 1 year today so I am writing to say thanks to you. It indeed feels like Shaadi team arranged our love marriage. On 24th Oct 2015 I received a message from Ankur on my profile and I emailed him the same day. We met first time in a coffee shop near our home on 31st Oct 2015, we chatted for few hours. We met a couple of times after our first meeting before finally deciding for marriage. We had to very carefully tell our parents about each other and set up meeting with them to seek their consent. After everyone met and consented to our alliance our marriage was fixed on 22nd Jan 2016 I told him a few months later that I knew I found my life partner when I first met him :)) After we met today a year ago, we have been talking everyday, meeting every weekend despite the fact that he works out of UAE he ensures that he is here ever week and we meet. It's a fact that we both are very different individuals, he loves to eat non- vegetarian food and I am strictly vegetarian, he is full of adventures and loves to experiment and I am fearful, but we know that we both have characteristics that complement us for where each of us lack. We are getting married soon and always thank for making it possible. I owe the biggest joy in my life to you, thank you so much. Shikha Agarwal