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Sumi & Raghu
23 September 2009
As conventional or unconventional as it may be?Raghu and Sumi met through their parents. Initially both of them were just as skeptical about the idea and each had their own reservations about what to expect. However, they both approached the situation with an open mind?. On one fall evening, Sumi unsuspectingly opened her email and there was a message from a ?Raghu Tadikamalla? waiting to be read. The subject of the email was ??. She was indifferent and curious at the same time. She opened the message with little expectations?and as she started to read through the email, she was hooked, and before the end of the email she found herself smiling. It?s not very often that someone catches her attention. So she stayed up to respond to his message. After writing about 3 pages, she realized that it was time to go to bed. The next day the same cycle continued?.both Raghu and Sumi would anxiously wait to hear a little voice that would announce ?You?ve Got Mail!? After several weeks of not seeing each other and only corresponding through email they finally decided to meet up. So on Friday October 17th, 2008, Raghu and Sumi had their 1st date. They went to dinner at Zodiac in Kentlands and then continued their night in Rio. They talked non-stop for nearly 7 hrs on their 1st date! The next day, Raghu already missed Sumi so much that he called her and invited her to go to a Capitals game & dinner. And Sumi realized that she would miss Raghu the next day and so invited him to go to the Redskins game with her. From that lovely weekend stemmed a beautiful relationship?.