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Rupak & Alkananda
27 July 2019
The story of us Rupak and Alkananda We met through SHAADI.COM in September / October 2015 and we very much drawn to each other instantly! We had almost decided to get married at the time, but certain circumstances and a great geographical divide between us had to be contended with and with great prudence we decided not to move forward with shaadi much to the dismay of all involved. Cue to four years later and while we had been in touch ever since, it was just as acquaintances. It was purely by chance, or perhaps something written in our own destinies that we seriously reached out to each other in April, 2019 and realized we still had our little spark between us. Upon dwelling further into the match we realized how much progress we had made over the last four years on our issues and were, in fact, now in a great position to start our married life together. So we didnt needlessly waste any more time, and were married in a little ceremony at Thane on 10th July, 2019 with the blessings and support of all our family and friends. Thank you for reading our story. Cheers and good luck.