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Saurabh & Deepika
10 August 2019
To be Honest, i was looking for matches in USA only but no idea how did i sent interest to her, may be because it was meant to be and that's how we connected, from day one there was an instant connection. We started texting then phone conversations and video calls. We exchanged more than 50 thousand messages in 6 months and no video calls and much more, finally i went to India to meet her, and i can never forget the moment when i saw for the first time it's really special to me and to US, and in between our families met but somehow it was not moving forward from parents side, my family took some time, but finally they met her and my mom just loved her and that's how it get fixed. But it was extreme amount of effort from both of us, we talked everyday, we made sure everyone is happy in our families. we both believe in small small moments of happiness and we have made a promise to each other to keep creating them thought this life, i would like to thank team, without you guys it was not possible. For all other boys and girls who are looking for their partners, i would say please put efforts, be serious don't just look for time pass, first prepare yourself that you are ready to be with someone. My Mama always says, rishte bnana bhut aasan hai, todna usse bi asssan but nibhana bhut muskil hai (making relations and breaking them is really easy, the difficult part is to told on) so be positive don't loose faith and keep going. Love Love from Saurabh & Deepika.