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Sudipty & Kumar
15 March 2019
Dulha Hunt begins During Diwali vacations 2017 with family, my marriage topic pitched in an this time with a full Josh. As our home we touch feet of all elder one's, they started giving ashirwaad of getting married soon as well as fining goo partner. So family suggested to create matrimony profile for it an I came across, I create a profile on shaadi an started going through the profiles matching with our filters. During initial days, I was not very sure if we can meet right person like scrolling own the page on Shaadi. But after few months I came across Anupam's profile which seems to be genuine an matching. So discussed with my parents an sen him a "Hello" message. He respond back after few hours an the conversation starts. After chatting for few days, we exchange our numbers an talked over call. I found him goo while talking an discussed this with my a. Later on as we were in the same city, we thought of meeting. As our family lives in different cities while we could meet easily, we decide to meet. After meeting my parents asked if I like the guy, but I wasn't sure (Same for Anupam) , I asked for some time to decide. In between we met few times an got the iea that we can think about it further. My parents were in plan to come @my place for Holi so we planned it accordingly that Anupam an my parents can meet easily during this holiay. We met together over a coffee where we ha few formal conversations an we came back. My parents we're ok but wanted to meet once again so we invite him for Holi lunch an ha a goo time together. An after this my parents decide to go to his home an take this further with his family. That time his mom was in U.S so we could not planned much but his family came over my house to meet me formally in May. Both of the families like each other an decide for our engagement in July. So this happened an later we married with the Go grace an our family blessing in December in Patna. This was all of our Shaadi story, hope this inspire others as well too fin their life partners with this wonderful platform. Thank you so much for make it easier for me to fin my love.